Nespresso has partnered with sustainable packaging solutions provider Huhtamäki to launch compostable paper-based coffee capsules.

The new line will initially be launched in France and Switzerland with the Nespresso Original System in early 2023 and is expected to be rolled out in several other European countries within a year.

Pushing the boundaries of fine coffee experiences is part of the Nespresso innovation, and since becoming a B Corp earlier this year, we’re more committed than ever to widening the sustainable choices we offer our consumers. We are excited to announce our first ever paper-based home compostable capsule, which will complement our offering of aluminium capsules that are both recyclable and made using 80% recycled aluminium. This is about yet another sustainable choice, without compromising on quality.

Guillaume Le Cunff, CEO, Nespresso

The Swiss company said the capsules took three years to develop and are a response to growing consumer demand for compostable packaging. They were made using proprietary technology, which includes a biopolymer lining that protects the coffee from oxidation.

Our 40 years of experience in coffee systems allowed us, together with the Nestlé Institute of Packaging Sciences, to develop a home compostable paper-based capsule, retro-compatible with the Nespresso Original machines, that meets and exceeds the high expectations consumers have of Nespresso in terms of protecting the coffee’s aromas and taste. We combined a high-precision paper pulp forming process with a biodegradable layer for protection against oxidation to preserve our coffee in transport, storage and during the high-pressure extraction in our machines.

Julia Lauricella, Head of Global R&D Center for Systems and Coffee Machines, Nestlé

Nespresso’s coffee masters have also developed four new blends, sourced through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Programme, specifically designed for the new paper-based capsules. The paper-based capsules are certified for composting by the international certification body TÜV Austria.

Finnish packaging manufacturer Huhtamäki designed the capsules. The company entered into an exclusive partnership with Nespresso in 2021.

We are delighted to partner with Nespresso on the home compostable paper-based capsule. Part of this breakthrough innovation is the result of combining paper pulp from wood fibre, a naturally renewable material, compressing it into a coffee capsule using our high-precision technology, creating another sustainable alternative for Nespresso lovers.

Charles Héaulmé, CEO, Huhtamäki

In April 2022, Nespresso announced its B Corp certification with a score of 84 for its global business in 38 markets.

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