Dark Woods Coffee has recently transitioned to completely compostable packaging for its coffee in partnership with Parkside. This action is part of the roaster’s pledge to sustainable operations as a B-certified company. It is one of the first companies to make such a transition for its hospitality and B2B-supplied coffee beans.

Completely compostable packaging has been on the company’s radar for a while. Established in 2013, Dark Woods Coffee has been on the hunt for the best coffee beans while also following ESG (environmental, social, and governance) practises. The company achieved B-Corp certification in 2020, but it has been moving towards complete recyclability of its packaging and through actions such as “the installment of a composter at the company’s roastery and localised deliveries made entirely by cargo bike or electric van.”

Moving to compostable packaging is something we have wanted to achieve for a long time. On our journey to making this transition, Parkside stood out as the obvious partner of choice.

Damian Blackburn, Director, Dark Woods

Parkside Packaging Solutions considered the switch as “the final piece of the puzzle.” Paul McKeown, speciality sales director at Parkside, welcomed the partnership, congratulating Dark Woods Coffee for its innovative contribution to making the coffee industry more sustainable.

Parkside’s Park2Nature is a 100% compostable product that doesn’t sacrifice barrier effectiveness or print quality. It provides the functionality Dark Woods requires, and it can do the same for any food or drink item. For instance, there are designs available where gas flushing is necessary, making it a solution for applications such as the packaging of fresh produce and fresh or cooked meat.

The roaster’s previous packaging consisted of the classic PET and PE laminate, which are non-compostable. Park2Nature packaging, on the other hand, offers the same oxygen barrier qualities to keep the coffee fresh while also being an eco-friendly compostable option.

We are excited to see what other brands seeking sustainable solutions, that also deliver high performance, will do next. We are proud to work with such innovative brands and to be positioned at the head of the market.

Paul Mckeown, Speciality Sales Director, Parkside

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