DXB LIVE, Dubai World Trade Centre’s integrated event management agency, will organise the World of Coffee Exhibition 2023 as part of its efforts to promote the emerging coffee industry in the Middle East. The event will be held from 11 to 13 January 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The exhibition, in collaboration with the Specialty Coffee Association and the Specialty Coffee Association UAE Chapter (SCA), aims to bring together coffee producers, manufacturers, retailers, traders and the entire industry from the region and other parts of the world.

The exhibition starts with Guatemala, represented by Guatemalan Coffees, as this year’s portrait country.

DXB LIVE also announced the signing of a five-year agreement with the SCA to organise this exhibition in the region. Under this agreement, the exhibition will be held in the MENA region in the coming years to capitalise on the region’s potential in this industry.

Dubai’s coffee industry aspires to become a regional and international centre of coffee trade, and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, DMCC, Specialty Coffee Association, SCA UAE Chapter and DXB LIVE all play an important role in achieving this goal.

Dubai continues to develop new business prospects and expand the areas of collaboration between specialists and experts in all fields by hosting such specialised trade fairs, and it works continuously provide a dynamic environment for work and life.

The great economic return of such specialized exhibitions is enhanced year after year, thanks to the distinguished participation of industry leaders and the growing presence of thousands of experts and specialists from around the world. This is a testament of confidence and recognition by the international business community of the fundamental role Dubai plays in increasing the trade movement at the level of the region and the world.

Khalid Al Hammadi, Senior Vice President, DXB LIVE

We are pleased to work with DXB LIVE to organise this international exhibition, which is focused on the coffee business globally and is becoming more and more important, as evidenced by indications and data.

In the upcoming years, we are convinced that the coffee sector in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Gulf region will experience unparalleled growth. The arrangement we negotiated to host the exhibition for a five-year term will assist the coffee trade in all the region’s safe and prosperous nations. The exhibition will create tremendous business opportunities.

Yannis Apostolopoulos, Chief Executive Officer, Specialty Coffee Association.

The Coffee World exhibition in its last session was highly praised and applauded by the international coffee community and the major specialised companies working in the industry. It was crucial in creating an exemplary platform that brought together the most eminent experts and trailblazers in the field from across the globe. We anticipate that the 2023 exhibition will be extraordinary by all criteria since it will bring together the greatest number of coffee enthusiasts from around the world and serve as the largest forum for direct engagement and discussion between industry professionals, customers, and visitors.

Khalid Al Mulla, Chief Executive Officer, SCA UAE Chapter

The successful inaugural event of the exhibition was held at the Dubai Exhibition Centre during Expo 2020 Dubai and led to this development. The initiative is in line with the vision to cement Dubai’s position as a world-class destination for hosting international events.


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