The Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) reported that the volume of coffee exported in October was lower than in September. On the other hand, revenue was higher due to the sustained high prices for coffee during much of the year.

Coffee prices, however, have been falling since mid-October, which has weighed on the global coffee market. In addition, Uganda is facing drought in most of its coffee-growing areas, which also affected coffee revenue in October. According to the UCDA report, due to unfavourable weather conditions, the main harvest season was shortened in the Central and Eastern regions, and harvests were lower in the Greater Masaka and South-Western regions.

As of October 2022, Uganda’s coffee exports amounted to 457,244 60-kilo bags valued at $67.10 million. This included 398,592 bags of Robusta valued at $53.25 million and 58,652 bags of Arabica valued at $13.85 million. In September 2022, Uganda earned $71.22 million from the export of 503,695 60-kg bags of coffee. Of this, 464,118 bags were Robusta worth $62.19 million, and 39,577 bags were Arabica worth $9.03 million.

Arabica exports were generally lower in October than in September due to the overall low Arabica demand in October, which also led to lower prices.

According to UCDA, the value of Uganda’s coffee exports increased by 35% in the last 12 months between November 2021 and October 2022 despite a lower volume of coffee exports. The higher value is due to the training of farmers in best handling and post-harvest practices.

The coffee processors and traders were trained on the best coffee post-harvest handling practices such as hulling of dry coffee of 13 per cent moisture content, rejecting wet coffee from farmers, good store hygiene and avoiding coffee adulteration. Routine factory inspection and monitoring were carried out in all the regions.

UCDA Report

In the period from November 2021 to October 2022, coffee exports amounted to 5.83 million 60-kg bags worth $883.24 million, compared to 6.55 million 60-kg bags worth $652.50 million in the previous year (November 2020 to October 2021).

Ugandan Arabica coffee beans averaged $3.94/kg, down 25 cents from $3.80/kg in September 2022. Sustainable Arabica fetched the highest price of $6.67/kg, $2 more than conventional Bugisu AA, followed by Bugisu A+, $1.04 more than conventional Bugisu AA.

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