flash coffee


The tech-enabled start-up coffee chain, Flash Coffee, is expanding to Hong Kong. The Indonesian speciality coffee company combines award-winning menu items with affordable prices and an enhanced customer experience using technology.

Flash Coffee launched in Jakarta in January 2020 and has since opened outlets in other parts of Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and now Hong Kong. Its first store in the country is in Sheung Wan, but there are at least three more in the making.

The company starts by using 100% Arabica beans that are roasted lightly to retain the flavour. The menu is then adapted for local taste and culture. Hong Kong’s menu includes local exclusive flavours like peanut butter condensed milk, black sesame latte, Flash yuen yeung, and Oatly yuen yeung.

The formula has made them an attractive destination for a lot of customers. Its premium latte goes for HKD25 (approximately US$3.20), and there are also other exclusives depending on the country.

Non-caffeinated drinks are also available, as well as snacks like croissants and cinnamon swirls.

The coffee startup also has a Flash Coffee mobile app that allows customers to order from. On the app, customers can customise and pay before collecting their order in-store or opt for delivery. There’s also a loyalty programme where customers can play games to earn rewards.

Flash Coffee plans to expand to Japan and South Korea by the end of the year, followed by Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines in 2022.

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