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% Arabica now offers bottled versions of their respected brews at their Indonesia branches. This famous Kyoto coffee chain opened its first store in the capital city Jakarta in February of this year and has opened two further stores since. 

These 330ml bottled coffees come in packages of three or five with flavours that include Caffe Latte, Spanish Latte and Americano. For Caffe Latte and Spanish Latte, there’s also the option of plant-based Oatly oat milk. The level of sweetness builds up from Americano, which is unsweetened, to the standard Caffe Latte, and then to Spanish Latte, which is the sweetest of the three.

The price of a bottle ranges from RP55,000 ($3.80) to RP89,000 ($6.16); a set of three ranges from RP165,000 ($11.41)to RP267,000 ($18.47); and a set of five ranges from RP275,000 (19.02)to RP445,000 ($30.78).

The cheapest range is the Americano while the priciest range is the Oatly Spanish Latte. Prices are currently discounted for the ongoing launch promotion, saving an extra 4-6%.

The % Arabica bottled coffee is available for delivery directly from the two branches via apps Tokopedia, Gofood and Grabfood. Other products such as imported coffee beans, including the signature % Arabica Blend, and merchandise like tote bags and tumblers, are also listed on the platforms. 

The continuous expansion of this Japanese coffee chain worldwide is proving its ever-growing success and loyalty of its followers. Long lines and aesthetic interiors are the bare minimum expectation for every % Arabica store.

It will be interesting to see how well the products sell, and should we witness a growing demand for % Arabica bottled coffee, this could potentially be a staple across all of the chain’s stores.

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