Uniqlo opens its very first cafe space at their newly refurbished Tokyo flagship store. It is the first time the company known for chic, but inexpensive clothing has created a cafe inside one of its stores.

On September 17th, the 10th anniversary of the brand, the Japanese clothing company revealed its newly renovated Ginza flagship outlet, consisting of 11 storeys for clothes, with the 12th storey being the “special floor” for the cafe space.

Ginza is an upmarket area of Tokyo, Japan’s biggest city, where the wealthy want to turn shopping, into an experience.

The menu seems to mirror the style of the clothing by being minimal, but with quality. No caramel macchiato’s in site. Instead, the cafe offers a Uniqlo Original Blend at 200 yen (approximately US$2) and the Geisha Bean Hand Drip Coffee at 450 yen (US$4.50).

Confectionery such as Uniqlo branded butter cookies are also available, made by the Japanese luxury confectioner, Ginza West. Customers are able to order a coffee and sweet combo-set, for 600 yen (US$6).

Both dine-in and takeout options are available, however, there are only a few counter seats available at the cafe space.

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