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Diedrich has launched the DR-3 Roaster with a capacity as low as 1kg up to 3kg (6.6lbs) as the name infers. It is only the second machine to carry the DR name, which seems to be the way the company is moving their branding.

It’s a nice looking roaster, with the modern features you’d expect, such as the ability to connect reliably via Ethernet to a laptop running their software, or using third party options, like Cropsters advanced system. Naturally, there is a data log output that can be saved.

The company uses infrared gas burners that allow roasting with conductive, convective and radiant heat with fine control.

Coming in at 54 x 39 x 68 inches or 137.2 x 99.1 x 174cm it will fit nicely in a cafe looking to do their own roasting, or a smaller startup. Larger roasteries could consider it for batch profiling.

The ‘Duck egg blue’ colour is a little reminiscent of a 1950’s pastel kitchen utensil. It’s not offensive, but we hope there are other colour options available, or just simple stainless steel.


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