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Tata Consumer Products, a major supplier of tea and coffee to the Indian consumer has launched Sonnets, a new brand for the Indian coffee market, which is trending upwards in the populous country of circa 1.36 billion people. The new range of coffee products has been designed around a customisable experience, allowing consumers to choose not just which coffee they’d like, but also the roast level.

The user can choose the roasting level, grounding and flavours of the coffee which gets delivered to the doorstep of the customer via our delivery channels. We are leveraging both premiumisation and home delivery trends through this launch – Puneet Das, President, Packaged Beverages, India & South Asia

Working under The Sonnets brand customers can choose light, medium or dark roast, and specify the brewing method they will use to get the ideal roast for them. Personally, I’m not convinced that this will work out for Tata.

Most people, I expect, want someone else to make those decisions and offer them what they say is best, rather than leaving it up to the consumer to work it out.

All of the coffees are grown at Tata’s own estates in microlots with individual flavour profiles, making the company a true tree to cup integrated company.

Our ambition is to be seen as a serious coffee player just like we have an equity in the market with Tata Tea. We aim to have a sizable share in the market as we grow. – Puneet Das, President, Packaged Beverages, India & South Asia


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