Continental Coffee India


As reported by the Times of India, Indian coffee company CLL Products India Ltd (Continental Coffee) will invest USD 20 million in doubling the capacity of its Vietnam coffee manufacturing facility. 

At present, the Vietnamese facility produces between 13,000 and 14,000 metric tonnes per annum (mpta) of spray-dried coffee – it is expected to double its output to 26,000 mpta by the end of 2022. The company noted that Vietnam has a tariff advantage for exports, and it is one of the largest coffee-growing countries, which enables it easy access to raw materials and reduced freight costs. 

The company’s current capacity is 36,000 to 37,000 mtpa, including 25,000 mtpa in India. According to CLL Products CEO Praveen Jaipuriar, this expansion will bring their capacities to 55,000 – 50,000 mtpa and will greatly assist the company’s growth in the upcoming years. CLL anticipates revenue of approximately USD 214.3 million (INR 16 billion) for the current fiscal year, up significantly from last year’s USD 167 million (INR 12.42 billion).

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