Daily Maximum Temperatures in Asante Akim South Municipal District, Ghana

Daytime temperatures have been extremely high for the first 45 days of the year, intensifying the hydric stress that was already in place at that point in the main dry season.

During this period, daily maximum temperatures reached values well above 34 °C, a threshold beyond which the efficiency of the plant’s photosynthesis becomes greatly reduced. This has likely led to above-average bean counts for the arrivals from late February to early April.

Daily maximum temperatures went back to normal values from mid-February to late March, which decreased but did not remove the atmospheric pressure on the trees.

Over the month of April, we witnessed a further cooling down in this region, with daytime temperatures recently below average. All-in-all, the elements are pointing away from these recent high temperature-related problems, a great omen for the setting of the main crop.

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