A fresh look at rains in the Asante Akim South Municipal District, Ghana

In light of the drought anomaly that occurred in April, we decided to write again about the Akim South municipal district in Ghana. This district received just over 70 mm in April, 35% less than the average. This was caused by a drought in the first half of the month, which was only partially helped by the rains at the end of April.

Despite this, the trees have not been stressed since the first week of March because of the good watering they received in March. However, there is no accumulation of water resilience in the soil. This is crucial because the trees can only rely on rainfall in May and June to build up resilience ahead of the little dry season. However, according to some seasonal predictions, these months could end up being drier than normal.

Failing to accumulate enough water before mid-July would expose the June and July setting to stress, which would probably result in cherelle wilting.


  • Charles Werner


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