Tony's Hopolonely


Tony’s Chocolonly has collaborated with BrewDog to produce a limited edition chocolate-flavoured beer.  Beer and chocolate are pairings that were not obvious to me a couple of years ago, and then I started to hear good things.

Tony’s settled on their white chocolate raspberry and popping candy bar to serve as the foundation for an IPA milkshake with 5.7 per cent alcohol. They call it a milkshake to convey some of the expected mouthfeel, while the candy bar reference points to the sweetness you can expect.

BrewDog is a Scottish brewery with an ethical reputation, that has been growing a cult-like following with drinks like ‘Elvis Juice’ and ‘Dead Pony Club’.

Tony’s Chocolonely and BrewDog are both B Corp Certified businesses.

Certified B Corps are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit – from B Corp’s website

In order to fully assess the qualities of the beer, Bartalks has purchased a few for a BBQ and will report in due course.

BrewDog – Tony’s Chocolonely was a ‘No-Brainer’ Choice

Founder of BrewDog, James Watt says it was a no-brainer to turn one of Tony’s Chocolonley’s bars into a beer. After selflessly committing themselves to multiple tastings, Watt says that they wanted to seek a more appropriate and innovative product and skipped the dark beer route.

Chocolate and a dark beer may be an obvious choice, but Watt wanted to do something entirely new, so they landed on the plan of making a chocolate and raspberry milkshake IPA.

As you’d expect from such a collaboration, the 330ml cans of beer are on sale in both the UK and Netherlands, as well as France and Germany.

As both companies are B Corp certified, the companies also collaborated on the charitable side for this partnership. Tony’s Chocolonely is already well known for its stance on abolishing slavery, and BrewDog is committed to reducing greenhouse gases – the company is the worlds first carbon-negative brewer.

So the company’s together agreed that for each can sold, a donation will be made to the Chocolonely Foundation, which improves the lives of those working in the cocoa-producing West African countries.

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