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The Sustainable Coffee Challenge has revealed 14 new partners including Swiss Coffee Trade Association, Touton, Gorongosa Coffee, Aldi South Group, Mountain Harvest, SNV, Coffee Association of Canada, Elements Coffee, Food 4 Farmers, Reily Foods, Cafe Vittoria, Redstart Roasters, Arbor Day Coffee, and Streamliners Espresso Bar.

These partners participate in the Challenge’s purpose to make coffee the world’s first sustainable agricultural product and are among 150 partners, including corporations, NGOs, governments, and research organisations.

The latest partners have made a range of commitments to support the goals of the Challenge. Examples include:

The Swiss Coffee Trade Association

  • Will influence the Challenge’s resources to educate its members, which account for more than 50% of globally traded green coffee
  • Address the impacts of coffee growing on climate change
  • Restrict deforestation, and
  • Promote a sustainable coffee growers environment

The Aldi South Group

This large group is a significant partner. On the company website, they say:

By joining the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, ALDI continues to show its commitment in respecting human rights and improving the living and working conditions of 25 million coffee producers in the global coffee supply chain

The company wants to stimulate fair working conditions for farmers and workers and ensuring environmentally friendly coffee production.

It believes that long-term partnerships and mutual initiatives across the global coffee sector are essential to generate the most significant impact on the ground.


This German company has been pushing traceability in coffee since 2019 with their social media #wetracecoffee. They are now enhancing their work on sustainability which they talk about in the video below.

The company describes a structured approach to achieving their goals, putting people at the centre of the value chain.

Coffee Association of Canada

Is dedicated to educating its members about the Challenge through an e-newsletter and annual conference, and externally through its website and social media channels.

It promotes collaboration and involvement to tackle the obstacles facing the coffee sector.

Reily Foods

Is engaging in coffee farm renovation and rehabilitation via its Sustainable Cup Programme. The objective stated on their site is to:

  • Combat Climate Change with new technologies
  • Provide valuable resources to farmers
  • Invest in long-term sustainable products

Our program focuses on Nicaragua and Honduras. These two coffee growing countries are at the highest risk of crop loss due to environmental changes. The Sustainable Cup Project establishes seedling nurseries in these two countries, currently helping 500 farmers in Nicaragua and 95 farmers in Honduras.


Committed to helping 1500 K’ho farmers vulnerable to climate change influences on coffee production and coffee price shocks and trends in the Lang Biang Biosphere Reserve in Vietnam, a national park and buffer zone.

SNV will include sustainable agriculture practices to one of the few arabica producing regions in the country.

Gorongosa Coffee

It’s worth visiting Gorongosa Coffee’s website to learn more about what they do in their home country of Mozambique.

The company is operating with new coffee farmers to implement sustainable and equitable green bean production from the outset.

They plant native rainforest saplings alongside coffee plants in areas previously deforested to begin to bring back rainforest canopy. Gorongosa Coffee intends to share the model and best practices with other Challenge partners.

Today, Gorongosa’s farmers are planting 200,000 coffee plants per year and 100,000 rainforest trees.

Gorongosa Coffee

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge, formed by Conservation International and Starbucks launched during the Paris climate meetings in 2015, works to stimulate higher demand for sustainable coffee while building partnerships to find and scale up programmes promoting improved livelihoods, nature conservation, and continued coffee supply.

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