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The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) started public submissions to two digital platforms, Design in Coffee and New in Coffee.

Both platforms were released earlier this summer to showcase the newest innovations and product launches across the speciality coffee industry.

Design in Coffee hosts inspirational design throughout the global coffee industry, within four categories: packaging, branding, spaces, and vessels. Submissions to Design in Coffee cost US$250.

New in Coffee shows the latest product launches and is built to be a complete resource for consumers and businesses alike. 

Submissions to New in Coffee cost US$400 and are now being accepted in the following categories:

  • Coffee Accessories
  • Commercial Coffee Preparation & Serving
  • Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Preparation & Serving
  • Consumer Coffee Preparation & Serving (Non-Electrical)
  • Open Class
  • Roasting Equipment & Tools
  • Specialty Coffee Beverage Additive
  • Specialty Non-Coffee Beverage Stand-alone
  • Technology

Submissions to both platforms may post videos and photo, detailed product descriptions, company contact information, and other important information in English or your language of choice. 

A discount of US$50 is available on submissions fees to both platforms for SCA members submitting their first entry.

At launch, Design in Coffee and New in Coffee were mainly populated with entries from the Design Lab and Best New Product competitions, previously scheduled for the 2020 Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland, Oregon.

Design Lab and Best New Product will continue to live on as much-loved on-site be activations at annual SCA trade shows.


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