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The Emmerich-based manufacturer of coffee roasting machines has introduced the newest member of its industrial line, the Neptune 1000. The pricing information is yet to be announced, but many of its features have been unveiled at a launch event.

Probat’s new Neptune 1000 has a capacity of 1,000 kg/h, alluding to its name. This roaster fills the gap between two other roasters in the industrial line – those with the capacity of 500 kg/h and 1500 kg/h. Many roasteries have reportedly been waiting for this gap to be filled as some simply found it a leap too big to make.

At the launch event, the company positioned this model as being the right machine  “for customers who want to develop towards an industrial roastery.”

For customers who want to develop towards an industrial roastery.

In the launch video, they talk to different team members about how the design came about, and some of the key features. 


Mark Weimer, Product Management Team, Probat explains in the video; “The Neptune 1000 has an output range from 1000 KG with a maximum batch size of 220 KG. We extended the roasting time from six to 20 minutes. We shortened the cooling time, for example, five minutes. And on top, all drives are equipped with a frequency converter. That means you have the possibility to control all drives for the drum speed, for the air temperature, for the roasting air temperature, and also for the volume”, etc.

“(We) Put the focus on Hygienic concept and sustainability and flexibility. I would show you something, Hygienic concept stands for easy maintenance, good accessibility and yes of course to have reducing the downtime. For example, we change the position from the engine here of the cooling sieve from the bottom to the top. This allows us now (sic) to have a better cleaning situation and maintenance situation that is great for the operator. Drum shift. The front and the rear bearings were easier to relocate because now you have more the accessibility to do the work”

Nico Moede, Project Development Manager, Probat

A recirculation system is another option, in which a portion of the exhaust air is cleaned and returned to the system to be reused, saving energy.Probat has also been active in small-scale coffee roasters. It recently introduced two smaller roasters intended for shop use, PX 120 Drum Roaster and Probat Electric Sample Roaster. These roasters can likewise be connected to Cropster software, a monitoring and management tool for roasteries, which can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection.

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