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Innsbruck, Austria, 01 September 2021

The recently launched PIII series models by our partners Probat are 100% Cropster Control & Replay assist ready from the factory for all customers.

That means Cropster customers planning to buy or who already own a PIII series model can:

  • Read all key measurements used for roast profiling with our Roasting Intelligence
  • Control gas and also airflow of the machine directly via the Cropster interface
  • Replay roasts using Cropster’s Replay Assist semi-automation, as an option next to Probat’s built-in automation
  • Use Cropster’s AI-driven smart predictions for bean temperature, RoR, first crack and flick

How will you benefit from this integration?

  • Simple controls, full flexibility

With the full integration to the PIII series you can both control your machine and monitor the roast through the Cropster interface and replay a recorded curve. You can also revert back to the Probat control and automation whenever you’d prefer to do so.

The Cropster powered controls in the Roasting Intelligence are incredibly helpful as you can change your settings while keeping a precise eye on the curves at the same time.

On top I can use Replay assist to make my life easier! It is a perfect version of a semi-automatic function, leaving you in control at any time if you desire. Therefore, you can choose to leave the automatic mode when roasting a coffee you know by heart, and for more efficiency; as well as using a reference curve (that matches the characteristics of your green) as a springboard and modulate it as you go. -Jérémie Vergne- SAS Belco

  • Easy, plug & play setup

The goal of our machine manufacturer partnerships is to make the connection to Cropster simple, feature complete and stable for all Cropster users. Our standardized connectors ensure that you can just plug in a cable, confirm your machine setup and off you go. They are also fully supported by our support team.

I’ve really appreciated the evolution of the ease of installation. Today, an increasing number of machines are equipped to connect to Cropster in only a few steps and benefit from all the features instantly. A real “Plug and Play” solution.”-Jérémie Vergne- SAS Belco

  • A partnership that’s in favor of the coffee

We welcome machine manufacturer partner that work with us and help us get more relevant data and simple to use controls in front of the roasting person. Coffee is complex enough. So we do whatever we can with our partners like Probat to provide more relevant information, reduce distractions from the roast process and help roasters focus on the coffee.

How can you get this integration?

  • Are you a Cropster customer with a PIII series model?
    Then simply send a message to your Cropster account manager or to We will get you started in a matter of minutes.
  • Are you new to Cropster and want to know more about our solutions, the P Series integration and its setup? Get a cropster free trial, book a demo or send a message to so our team can show you around and answer any questions.
  • Are you new to Probat? Then simply reach out to the Probat shop roaster team. They will gladly walk you through their machine models and service offering.

About Cropster

Cropster connects people from origin through roasteries and cafes in over 100 countries. Cropster helps people manage farms, roasteries, labs, cafes and their online selling daily. Cropster started in 2007 working with local farmers at origin. Today Cropster delivers tools for use across the supply chain to help people deliver consistently higher quality coffee, it helps them leverage new technologies and artificial intelligence at affordable prices in an increasingly complex market. Roasters, production managers, cuppers, traders, cafe owners, baristas and coffee producers worldwide use Cropster tools to ensure they get the very best from their specialty coffees.

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