Speciality coffee company Peet’s Coffee, based in the US, has partnered with California beer producer 21st Amendment Brewery to launch 1966 Coffee IPA.

Having 6.8% alcohol by volume (ABV), 1966 Coffee IPA is a first collaboration beer between the two companies.
It will be available in over 28 states through the US starting from 1 February 2020.

Peets themselves describe 1966 Coffee IPA as a pale gold with tight white bubbles, aromas of fruity blueberries and bright citrus notes from Columbus, Citra, Amarillo, and Centennial hops. They say the accent of rich coffee is balanced with malt structure and defined bitterness all giving this West Coast IPA a unique flavour profile.

“Rather than the traditional dark beer with coffee, we wanted to have fun with the melding of hops and coffee, paying attention to the coffee varietal and manipulating the roast level to nudge the subtle flavors from the bean for an incredibly unique IPA,” says Shaun O’Sullivan (Co-Founder and Brewmaster, 21st Amendment). “Working closely with Peet’s Roastmaster, Doug Welsh, we settled in on Peet’s Ethiopian Super Natural with its lemon, bergamot, and blueberry characteristics perfectly complementing the hop flavors.”

“Don’t expect dark roast,” said Doug Welsh (Roastmaster, Peet’s Coffee). “We iterated every roast style imaginable, with a target profile of maltiness – matching the beer – a kaleidoscope of floral aromatics and the piquant acidity and glacé citron of exceptional Ethiopia. Hops, meet your coffee cousin.”

For more information, visit Peets Coffee.

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