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A new study released on Earth Day has revealed that the British-made Frugal Cup, has a carbon footprint up to 60% lower and a water footprint up to 74% lower than conventional and compostable cups.

The independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis by Intertek, is the first to measure the environmental impact of producing, using and disposing of all types of single-use coffee cups, including the whole supply chain from growing trees, paper-making, plastic production, transport, cup, and sleeve manufacture, delivery, and waste processing.

The research found that each conventional single-use coffee cup requires 0.58 liters of water to produce and has a carbon footprint of up to 60.9 grams of CO2e per cup. This happens because traditional, coated, and compostable cups are all made from virgin paper. This means that 1.45 billion liters of water and 1.03 million trees are used to make more than 2.5 billion coffee cups used in the UK every year and 290 billion liters and 206.3 million trees to make the estimated 500 billion cups used globally.

The carbon footprint of 2.5 billion cups that go to landfill in the UK is more than 152,000 tonnes of CO2e, the equivalent of 33,300 cars being driven for a year. However, if people switch to this Frugal Cup, made from 96% recycled paper with no waterproofing chemicals, it could save more than a billion liters of water and up to a million trees yearly.

The analysis shows that if Frugal Cups replaced 2.5 billion coffee cups used in the UK every year, the carbon saving could be around 90,315 tonnes of CO2e.

Frugalpac’s chief executive, Malcolm Waugh, said that this independent study conclusively proved that the Frugal Cup is the most eco-friendly paper cup available and could quickly become the standard if the significant coffee chains accepted it.

This cup is the only one that uses recycled paper and whichever way you dispose of it. The Frugal cup still produces by far the lowest carbon and water footprints, unlike the standard, coated, and compostable cups.

Malcolm Waugh also added that it’s obvious that people and businesses have to live and work more sustainably. Recycling coffee cups is still a big problem. There is only one waste facility in the UK to process conventional cups and 53 industrial composting sites that could handle compostable cups.

The Frugal Cup has been specially designed to go through standard recycling facilities. Using this cup will protect the environment, reduce carbon emissions, save billions of liters of water, and stop millions of trees being cut down. The Frugal Cup is already being used in universities such as the London School of Economics (LSE) and also independent coffee shops across the UK.

This cup is manufactured in the UK using a market-leading 96% recycled paper and no waterproofing chemicals. The Frugal Cup provides considerable reductions in the use of energy and carbon.

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