Illycaffè revealed a new way to enjoy a genuine illy experience with its expanded line of aluminum capsules compatible with Nespresso Original coffee machines. It is now also available in Decaffeinato (“decaffeinated”) espresso. All five ranges of capsules contain the ideal measure of the legendary and one of a kind illy blend, perfected over 85 years.

Comprised of nine carefully selected Arabica coffee beans, the illy-branded capsules are available in five choices representing four intensities of taste: Classico, with a smooth and mild flavor, available in espresso and espresso lungo (the latter of which produces more volume in the cup); the full-bodied taste of Intenso espresso;Forte espresso, with its rich and robust character; and new Decaffeinato espresso, a smooth and mild profile with less than 0.1% caffeine. The decaffeinated roast coffee capsules have a perfect balance between acidity and bitterness, with a lingering sweetness thanks to delicate notes of caramel, chocolate, and toasted bread.

All capsule ranges are available on the illy e-shop and select retailers for a suggested price of $8.99 per pack of ten capsules. Throughout, coffee enthusiasts can conveniently order compatible capsules directly to their home, including via illy a casa coffee subscription. This convenient auto-delivery sends coffees on a preferred chosen schedule.

The illy-branded aluminum capsules are the result of the trademark licensing agreement between JAB and illycaffè. JAB’s JDE platform is in charge of capsule production and distribution in retail channels outside of Italy, such as large-scale retail, supermarkets, and retail food stores. Illycaffè is handling distribution in all other sales channels, as well as all sales channels in Italy, enhancing its omnichannel presence and reinforcing synergies.

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