Swiss chocolatier, Lindt & Sprüngli partners with Koa Switzerland AG to launch new chocolate bar sweetened using dried cocoa pulp.

Koa is a Swiss-Ghanaian company which discovered the cocoa fruit has much to offer besides the beans. Their aim is to contribute to sustainable growth in rural Ghana.

They launched the cocoa fruit juice which has a natural sweet and sour flavour with tropical notes of lychee and peach.

The cited the reasons for using fruit juice having the following benefits:

  • Increased farmers’ income
  • Boosted economic growth
  • Reduced food waste

Koa provided training to more than 1600 cocoa farmers, where they have gained new knowledge and methods to process the previously discarded cocoa pulp. With this opportunity, farmers increased their income by 30%.

The company has provided their team in Ghana with new opportunities and making valuable contributions towards sustainable growth in their home country.

By processing the cocoa pulp, which would previously be thrown away, food waste is reduced.

Following Koa’s success with cocoa fruit juice, it has launched a dried cocoa fruit pulp called ‘Koa Powder’.

This new innovation opens up new opportunities for the product to be utilised in chocolate and confectionary products as a sugar substitute or as a new flavour profile, due to its natural sweet and fruity taste.

Koa’s ‘Koa Powder’ is first applied via this partnership with Lindt.

Lindt is launching a new ‘Lindt Excellence Cocoa Pure’ bar which contains 82% cocoa an 18% Koa Powder.

The bar will be available in February/March 2021 with limited quantities in selected Lindt shops and online. 

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