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A tip-off has led police in Bali to uncover the country’s first known chocolate marijuana smuggling operation.

Ricard Fajariadi works as a security guard during the day but at night ran a secret operation to smuggle marijuana around the country, using chocolate as the delivery medium. 

Fajariadi was arrested on 5th August by police in Bali, who was responding to a tip-off. 

We managed to secure the marijuana package, and in the perpetrator’s room, we got approximately two litres of alcohol-soaked marijuana stems. From the perpetrator’s confession, he intended to cook the water, mix it with chocolate, set it, and then send it out of town.

Made Hendra Agustina, West Denpasar Police Commissioner

About 2kg of the drug was discovered when police raided Mr Fajariadi’s home. 

According to his confession, Fajariadi has been making marijuana-flavoured chocolate for three years. However, he did not sell the chocolate to the public. The chocolate would be sent to his older brother, Tomy Rirehena, who is currently in a Sumatran prison for drug-related offences.

The charges Fajariadi now faces could land him in jail for up to 5 years. The quality of his chocolate was reportedly very poor, but that is not yet a crime in Indonesia.

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