Magnum Ice Cream has given an update on its impact programme, which was launched in 2020, to support the female Cocoa farmers who harvest the beans they use. The programme seeks to empower 5,000 Cocoa farmers both socially and economically by 2025. 

Magnum supports Cocoa-farming communities in Côte d’Ivoire through the joint initiative with non-governmental organisations 100WEEKS and CARE International. More than 200 women Cocoa farmers have benefitted since its launch, and 600 farmers this year are expected to join as the programme expands its activities. Magnum has donated €250,000 so far, which will be used for direct weekly cash transfers to farmers.

The beneficiaries will be sent weekly cash transfers over a 100-week period and received through donated mobile phones. The cash donations will then support the farmers at the present, while the training they receive enables them to prosper independently outside of Cocoa.

Beyond financial support, the programme provides training to help farmers to earn additional income by monetising their passions in areas such as arts and crafts. Through these additional skills, farming families in these communities will be able to stabilise their income, profiting even during the off-peak season for Cocoa production. Diversification of income is key to the initiative’s success due to the seasonality of Cocoa farming.

One hundred ninety-eight farmers reportedly graduated from the programme last month and have now either set up or invested in their own income-generating businesses.

Since 2012, we have invested €80m in helping to make Magnum’s supply chains more sustainable. Through our impact programmes, we are putting additional focus on supporting female Cocoa farmers as we know they are often at the heart of many families and communities. We are proud of the farmers who are graduating at the ceremony, which recognizes their work in creating a range of income-generating activities.

Ben Curtis, Director, Magnum

The results of our programme are lasting. Each story of every woman reached is always moving, and not seldom heartbreaking. We have truly broken the code of change of how people at [the] family level can best move out of poverty.

Jeroen de Lange, Founder and CEO, 100WEEKS

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