chocolate syringe


At Easter, Cocoatree in Belgium gave us delightfully goofy chocolate bunnies with white masks. Now they are producing chocolate syringes, ready to plunge into hot milk to make delicious hot chocolate.

Belgium, like the rest of Europe, is boosting their vaccination rate, against the backdrop of the pandemic and stubborn resistance by misguided Anti-Vaxxers, so it seems like a good time to inject some humour with a positive reinforcing message into the world of chocolate.

It’s a symbol of hope and that’s why I decided to create the (chocolate) vaccine – company founder Genevieve Trepant.

Cocoatree, based in a village called Lonzee, that sits 45 kilometres south of Brussels, refers to their chocolate syringes as “L’Atch’a Azteka”, a combination of the sound of a sneeze and ancient chocolate consumers, the Aztecs.


A chocolate vaccine has a huge number of positive effects. It’s an anti-depressant. It has magnesium. Chocolate has many advantages, as people know, and above all it boosts the morale of the troops. – Genevieve Trepant.

There are milk and dark chocolate varieties, plunge for a chocolate syringe which costs just €3, or hop up a level and buy a chocolate bunny with a syringe which cost €15 each. 

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