hershey 34th most just company


The Hershey Company gets recognised as one of ‘America’s Most JUST Companies’ by Forbes and JUST Capital for the second consecutive year.

Forbes and JUST Capital tracked, analysed, and ranked 922 companies across five stakeholder groups – including Workers, Customers, Communities, the Environment, and Shareholders covering 29 Issues like a living wage and whether they are environmentally friendly, etc.

Hershey ranked 34th this year was recognised as one of the top U.S. companies that is leading on issues such as investing in employees, supporting communities, and rewarding their shareholders.  The company only joined the ‘Just 100’ last year ranked 86 has now gone up the ranks by 52 spots this year.

In all metrics, the company outperformed their industry, except one – and this is one that unfortunately will matter the most to many – the environment.

Hershey’s score on the environment was on par with their industry – and in fact, ranked 436th out of 928 company’s included in the study. This result shows the food and beverage industry, in the US at least, in a rather poor light.

It is worth noting, however, that Mondalez International, who came in far behind Hershey at 218th, nevertheless had a much higher environmental score of 209th.

We are proud to be recognised for our long-standing values of integrity and making a difference in our environment, workplace and communities.

Our deep-rooted purpose of making more moments of goodness influences how we work each and every day. – Michele Buck, Chief Executive Officer at The Hershey Company

The Hershey Company has approximately 16,000 employees worldwide with more than 80 brands that drives $8 billion in annual revenues.

The company claims to have achieved a milestone in its sustainability strategy in 2020, reaching a goal set back in 2012 to source 100 percent certified and sustainability cocoa.

For over 125 years, Hershey has been committed to operating fairly, ethically and sustainably.  Hershey founder, Milton Hershey, created the Milton Hershey School in 1909 and since then the company has focused on helping children succeed.

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