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Spanish coffee grinding company, Compak reveals new automatic tamper machine called the Cube Tamp.

The machine features:

  • Adjustable tamping pressure from 10 to 30 kg (22 – 66 lb)
  • Measure unit selection of kg or lbs
  • Portafilter holder has an adjustable height to fit all types of portafilters
  • Automatic cleaning mode
  • OLED display with touch pad
  • ‘Enlightened’ tamping area

The Compak Cube Tamp is an addition to the small but growing market of automatic tampers.

Although the importance of tamping has been challenged by some, who say grind distribution is more important, tamping is still required, and getting a consistent tamp, without the time and potential injury from repetitive manual tamping is attractive for busier venues.

What’s different in this machine is its appearance, ans users ability to change the tamp disc by hand, without tools. The tamping surface is of a mirror polish finish that prevents any residual grinds from carrying over from one tamp to the next.

Cube tamper

America Managing Director Josh Fields said,

We speak with baristas and cafe owners around the world each and every day, and we consistently receive requests for help on the tamping issue.

It is clear that the industry needs a better solution for improved bar flow, tamp consistency, and reducing employee injury due to RSI (repetitive strain injury). We have found that the Cube Tamp delivers immense benefits on all three issues, and more.

The Cube Tamp is expected to be stocked and ready to ship next month with an anticipated list price of approximately $1,000.


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