coffee capsule market


The “Coffee Capsule Market Forecast to 2027 “ report, available on Research And Markets forecasts growth in the global coffee capsule market.

According to the report, the global coffee capsule market accounted for US $8,327.19 million in 2019 and is anticipated to reach US $14,062.20 million by 2027. That’s an expected CAGR growth of 7% from 2020-2027.

The report states various health benefits associated with coffee drives the growth of the coffee capsule market.

Consumers are more aware of the health benefits of coffee, as it contains antioxidants, caffeic acid, polyphenols, etc. that boost energy in the body and reducing the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes, therefore manufacturers are constantly creating new products, into the market.

From 2020-2027, the Asia Pacific coffee capsule market is expected to grow the most, with China leading the regional market, followed by India and Japan.

Consumers in these countries choose a healthier lifestyle, therefore prefers products that offer them health benefits and the increasing use of coffee capsule by the food and drink industries is driving the demand for coffee capsules across the Asia Pacific.

New products, the launch of multiple new chains by celebrities and sports personalities, is also driving the demand for coffee capsule products in this region.

On the other hand, the global Covid pandemic also affected the growth of the coffee capsule market due to China being the hub of manufacturing and the largest raw material supplier for various industries across the world, and disturbing operations in the country are affecting several businesses from all other countries, dependent on its manufacturing sector.

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