Ditta Artigianale


Italian speciality coffee roaster Ditta Artigianale has announced a new collaboration with retail store chain Esselunga.

Its MammaMia blend and El Manzano and Koke single origins will be available in recyclable packaging on store shelves in Bergamo, Bologna, Milan, Florence, and Verona.

Ditta Artigianale’s Founder – Francesco Sanapo said that this collaboration represented a significant victory not only for Ditta Artigianale but also for the specialty coffee sector that rarely sees their whole beans on supermarket shelves.

He added that the availability of speciality coffee would help raise awareness and that it represented a massive goal for both the small coffee producers and roasters who are finally seeing their efforts recognised.

The consumers benefit from having the chance to be more conscious of what coffee they drink and who will have the possibility to choose between a product of more or less quality and more or less ethical values from a human and an environmental standpoint.

Ethically sourced chocolate has become a big thing with consumers, so its time for coffee to follow that path, and hopefully achieve a similar result.

MammaMia is a mixture that Sanapo dedicated to his mother and all women. The beans used for this mixture are grown by three different female coffee growers in Costa Rica, Peru, and Honduras.

El Manzano is a single origin from El Salvador of the Pacamara variety, grown at high altitudes in volcanic soil. The coffee has tropical mango and fruity pineapple notes, a rotund body and a floral aftertaste, coming from Finca El Manzano, one of Emilio Lopez’s farms


Koke is an organic Ethiopian single-origin, a variety that naturally grows in the Kaa region forests at over 2000 metres altitude, which offers a particular and unique taste profile with lime, black tea, and bergamot notes.


These specific beans are fermented for 24 to 36 hours and washed and dried in the sun for ten to fifteen days. The Koke organisation was founded in 1975 and counted 828 small farmers.


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