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Cocoa Metro handles the international food giant with the news of an instant Belgian chocolate drink mix.

Cocoa Metro’s latest product launch is more chocolatey than the competing Nesquik powder, has less sugar, and also avoids all the additives. Cocoa Metro’s powder has a total of four ingredients. Unlike the company’s existing Belgian hot chocolate beverage mix, this new instant Belgian chocolate powder stirs easily into cold milk or any of the commonly marketed milk options.

Cocoa Metro seeks to expand its reach to consumers with a product that is not connected to a single milk or milk alternative. In the last few years, there have been a lot of new plant-based milk options with numerous brands offering chocolate versions. To interest consumers that steer clear of their Belgian chocolate milk due to its dairy base. Until now, there have only been several options for chocolate-based instant drink mixes on the shelf, but that changes with the launch of their new Belgian chocolate version.

Sales will be direct to consumers from their website but expect retailers to get the item in the future. Cocoa Metro’s instant chocolate beverage mix will join their current flagship item, ready-to-drink Belgian chocolate milk sold in Whole Foods Market and other channel retailers. The new item will go on sale on their website in April of 2020.

Mike Dunford, CEO and co-founder of Cocoa Metro, although his e-mail signature reads “Chief Chocolate Drinker.” Dunford grew up drinking a lot of Nestle’s sweet chocolate powder and attributes his job as Chief Chocolate Drinker to his new addiction to the chocolatey drink. He said he grew up on “that stuff,” today he’s seeking to please a more adult perspective. “When I was a child, the sweet stuff was enough for me to be satisfied. Now I seek more interest in what I drink and eat. I try to take a little more time to enjoy the experience. This Belgian chocolate mix is all about the great depth of flavors that can only be found in really well-crafted chocolate.”-he added.

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