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Barry Callebaut has launched a drink based on cacao fruit, capitalising on the popular movement towards nutraceuticals, which are foods that have functional or medical benefits.

Cacao has a number of scientifically evidenced health benefits, especially in the area of cardiovascular health. As we had covered in earlier reports, the studies show that there need to be sufficiently high quantities to make an effective improvement.

The company summarises these benefits in their press release:

  • Barry Callebaut leverages its deep scientific knowledge of the cacao fruit and the fruit’s supportive health effect by introducing a nutraceutical fruit drink
  • The new cacao fruit elixir ‘Elix’ has a zesty fruity taste. Promoting circulatory health.
  • The health claim related to the cacao fruit flavanols present in ‘Elix’ is approved under the EU Nutrition and Health Claims regulation and pending FDA approval in spring 2022

As the company puts it:

The cacao fruit naturally contains the required amount of flavanols to optimize the blood flow across the entire body. It is a good source of iron, magnesium and potassium. Besides the 100% pure cacao fruit elixir, combinations with herbs and other fruits can be explored to enrich the range with beautiful taste combinations and additional nutrients.

Barry Callebaut

But there are also benefits to the environment, as cacao juice drinks use the pulp of the fruit which otherwise goes to waste. Barry Callebaut says this is the first nutraceutical drink, but the Pacha de Cacao drink has been on the market for the last year, which appears to be a similar product with the same health benefits.

Barry Callebaut may have a unique manufacturing process and has the capability to produce and sell their Elix drink on a larger scale by offering it to companies who will create their own brands, perhaps mixing the cacao fruit juice with other ingredients.

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