Cecafe Report July 2022



  • Brazilian exports have fallen by 5.9% in the last 7 months of the year.
  • Foreign exchange revenue for shipments between January and July 2022 reached the all-time record of USD 5.231 billion, which is a 62.4% growth from the same period last year.
  • Foreign exchange revenue recorded USD 583.7 million, a 40.3% increase in the YoY comparison.
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  • The United States led exports from January to the end of July 2021, buying 4.659 million bags of coffee, an increase in volume of 2.9% compared to the 4.526 million bags bought in the same period in 2021, or 20.8% of Brazil’s total.
  • Among the top 10 destinations in the seven months of this year, only Germany and Japan have reduced volume in comparison to 2021.
  • Germany, with a share of 17.9%, imported 4.015 million coffee bags (-4.1%) and ranked second. Next came Belgium, with 1.993 million coffee bags (+17.5%); Italy, with 1.817 million (+8.0%); and Japan, with 991,898 coffee bags (-26.8%)
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Types of Coffee

  • In 2022, Arabica was the most exported coffee, with 19.299 million bags exported, 86% of all coffee shipped. Soluble coffee was second, with 2.181 million bags shipped. Next came the Coffea Canephora variety, with 939,334 bags shipped (4.2%) Roasted and ground coffee was fourth, with 24,395 bags shipped (0.1%)

Differentiated Coffees

  • Coffee with some sustainability credentials represented 17.4% of total exports, an increase of 1.2%
  • The average price was USD 288.65 per bag, providing a foreign exchange revenue of USD 1.130 billion in seven months, or 21.6% of the total shipments. It represents a 67.1% increase from last year’s same period.
  • The United States imported the most coffee bags from January to July, followed by Germany.


  • The top three exporters of coffee in the year were Santos, Rio de Janeiro and Paranaguá.


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