Saudi Arabia is seeing a spike in the production of green coffee beans as the high-quality coffee market flourishes. Ali Al-Diwani is the first licensed coffee evaluator in Saudi Arabia and his expertise in all aspects of the coffee process has been immensely helpful in the growth of the craft coffee market.

In 2010, he travelled to the birthplace of domesticated coffee, Yemen, and due to his experience in agriculture, he acted as a translator for Mexican coffee growers at a coffee bean convention.

Over the next decade, he became a coffee roaster, investor, producer, vendor, supplier, and market specialist. With this knowledge, he has educated entrepreneurs looking to carve a place in the speciality coffee market whether it be on the agricultural side, roasting side, or brewing side. He’ll even teach you how to drink the coffee (sensory skills).

Al-Diwani knows very well how precise a roaster must be in order to be successful in the speciality coffee market. There are so many variables associated with coffee production.

It takes five minutes to either burn the harvest of a whole year or make an excellent outstanding coffee. – Al Diwani

Not only is roasting temperature and duration important, but a roaster must also contend with other variables. One coffee tree can create six distinct flavour notes that can all be influenced by the roasting process.

When teaching entrepreneurs how to succeed in the saturating market, Al-Diwani believes there are three key elements to be aware of.

First is the location, second is the consumer experience and the high quality of the coffee, third is to have a well-trained barista and a professional coffee roaster. – Al Diwani

Photo by AN Photo/Huda Bashatah

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