Saudi Coffee Company, a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund created to transform Saudi Arabia’s Coffea Arabica into a global product, recently announced a collaboration agreement with the Culinary Arts Commission. A fairly young Saudi government body established only in February 2020, the Commission seeks to promote and preserve Saudi Arabia’s unique and diverse culinary heritage.

The collaboration will aid in the promotion of Saudi Arabia’s coffee product as one rooted in the past, present, and future of Saudi society. It will honour the country’s coffee heritage, promote the national coffee industry and empower local talent.

The heritage of Arabic Coffee is well established, as evidenced by the fact that it was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2015. It is currently one of the only two cultural heritage items listed under the coffee concept, along with Turkish coffee culture and tradition. Even Italy, which sought to have Espresso recognised on the UNESCO List, was unsuccessful in its attempts.

Signed in Riyadh by Saudi Coffee Company CEO Raja Al Harbi and Culinary Arts Commission CEO, Mayada Badr, the agreement’s terms include collaborative work across various platforms, including content creation to document and illustrate Saudi Arabia’s coffee traditions, book and film projects; knowledge sharing to enable coffee farmers and experts to develop a world-class product; marketing, sponsorship, and merchandising opportunities to market Saudi Arabia’s coffee beans more widely and have Coffee Arabica recognised as a Saudi product, as well as streamlining of licensing processes for coffee experts. 

Saudi Coffee Company is ramping up our efforts to be a leader in developing the coffee industry in Saudi and celebrating coffee heritage with the Culinary Arts Commission. This agreement is a major step that will help us communicate our values and message to the public. We look forward to fulfilling the terms of our partnership with the Commission.

Raja Al Harbi, CEO, Saudi Coffee Company

Our cooperation agreement with Saudi Coffee Company aligns with our mission to share the richness of our culinary arts and traditions with the world. This agreement will further enhance our long-standing legacy of coffee growing, bringing attention to our distinctive product.

Mayada Badr, CEO, Culinary Arts Commission

Promoting the national coffee industry along with its entire value chain, from bean to cup, is Saudi Coffee Company’s vision. It will be critical in the development of sustainable coffee production in the southern Jazan region, which is home to the world-renowned Coffea Arabica.

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