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Earlier this year, Blommers Chocolate Company joined forces with Israeli food tech company DouxMatok to work on bringing reduced-sugar solutions to the chocolate and confectionery industry. Blommers went on to release their Discovery line of products, driven by DouxMatok’s flagship product, Incredo Sugar.

The sugar-based sweetener alternative was first trialled in the form of chocolate chips that contained 50 per cent less sugar than their traditional counterpart while having a higher fibre content and fewer calories. The pair have recently announced that they will be expanding their offering to include chocolate and confectionery coatings, which should allow Incredo Sugar to be utilised in a much broader range of products.

Striking a balance between taste and nutrition has long been a challenge for the industry — indulgent, sweet-tasting chocolate typically comes packaged with high sugar content. As a result, many consumers steer clear of lower-sugar alternatives, as they simply cannot deliver the taste people have become accustomed to when they indulge in chocolate. 

Global research continues to indicate that taste is the first consideration when consumers make food choices, but they have historically shied away from chocolate products with less added sugar due to negative taste perception.

David Meggs, Chief Operating Officer at Blommers Chocolate Company

As consumers continue to follow a trend of healthier, lower sugar demands, it is increasingly valuable for chocolate companies to be able to offer nutritionally superior products without compromising on taste.

We have tremendous opportunity at our fingertips to bring consumers back to this category who have avoided sugar-reduced products because they simply didn’t taste good enough.

David Meggs, Chief Operating Officer at Blommers Chocolate Company

Blommers expect to be able to extend their Discovery line’s reduced-sugar offering to include products such as nut butter cups and baked goods like chocolate chip cookies.

The companies hope to demonstrate that it is feasible to reduce sugar content by over 40 per cent in people’s favourite snacks without sacrificing flavour. “We’re thrilled about the new opportunities that the expanded Discovery product line will open up for food brands,” said DouxMatok’s SVP Head of North America, Kelly Thompson. “Chocolate-covered snacks are beloved by consumers, and they shouldn’t have to compromise on taste or nutrition when they reach for their favourite treats.”

As the scientists at Blommers and DouxMatok continue to collaborate to expand the application of Incredo Sugar, we are excited to see what reduced-sugar creations they are able to produce. Seeing as Blommers are the largest Cocoa processor in North America, we can expect these low-sugar snacking alternatives to become a considerable offering in the near future, should the partnership continue to see success.

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