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Blommers Chocolate is the largest cocoa grinder in North America, supplying semi-finished products to major chocolate companies. Since its founding in 1939, the company has openly stated support for sustainable cocoa farming, as one of the founding members of the World Cocoa Foundation.

The company has now appointed Carolin Fesenberg as their new Director of Cocoa Sustainability. Fesenberg has worked in Blommers for close to 10 years as their Sustainability Program Manager, and has a hands-on history working with cocoa. 

Much of my work takes place at origin, talking to farmers and cooperatives and establishing programs to improve their working/social conditions…providing farmer field schools to train participants in good agricultural practice, expanding opportunities for the employment of women in the supply chain etc.

Carolin Fesenberg, Director of Sustainability, Blommers

Her role, as she describes it, is to create sustainability programs that strike a balance between customer needs, cost-effectiveness, and practicality in the field. As sustainability is an increasing concern for the cocoa sector, it will take someone with an intimate knowledge of the cocoa value chain to handle the challenges that lie ahead.

Blommers said that they believe that Fesenberg has the experience to drive their sustainability initiatives forward. We look forward to seeing how she navigates the increasingly complex matter of sustainability in the cocoa industry.

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