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Italian coffee company, Bazzara, is running a new course, starting today, and to be run out of Trieste, home of their training Academy.

The second event, Cup Tasters Week will start a week later and will provide some insight into a Q Grader course that will be held in Autumn. The company sent Bartalks a press release with the information below.

The Bazzara Academy is launching its new courses: two weeks dedicated to the discovery of the secrets of coffee in Trieste, the splendid Italian capital of espresso

The Bazzara Academy, one of the most renowned European academies in the wonderful setting of the Liberty building Casa Cassab in Trieste, opens its doors in spring for two interesting weeks dedicated to coffee training for professionals and enthusiasts.

Spring brings many novelties with it, and here is that the Bazzara Academy, one of the most renowned European academies located in the charming Liberty building Casa Cassab in Trieste, has announced the dates of its new training courses dedicated to the fascinating world of coffee.

The courses will be held at the Academy in the headquarters of the historic Trieste roasting firm in via Battisti 1, where the participants will go on a real journey into the world of coffee. The courses will be held by Marco Bazzara, an expert in quality control, selection and blending of coffee, Q Arabica Grader, Sensory Project Manager and Academy Director of the Bazzara Academy. Structured on different levels, the training will offer the opportunity to learn while having fun to both enthusiasts and professionals, allowing them to reach that level of experience which is necessary to safeguard and spread the culture of quality coffee.

Two weeks of training to discover all the secrets of coffee: from the selection of green coffee beans through the phases of roasting, sensory analysis, and different extraction methods up to mastering the techniques of a perfect Barista! Going into detail, the SCA Foundation Camp will be an extraordinary opportunity to enter the fascinating and complex universe of coffee through taking different modules created by the Specialty Coffee Association. This course will be held from the 9th to the 13th of May 2022 from 10:00 to 17:00.

The Cup Taster Week will be a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the Green, Roasting and Sensory SCA modules, receiving insights on the topics which will be covered during the next Bazzara Q Grader course that will take place in Autumn. In order to participate in the Cup Taster Week, you must have obtained the entry-level diplomas for all SCA modules. The course will be held from the 16th to the 21st of May 2022 from 10:00 to 17:00.

In Autumn, it will finally be the turn of the long-awaited Q-Grader Course: a whole week of high specialization during which visual, olfactory and gustatory analysis tests will be carried out and paired with theoretical lessons on every aspect concerning the selection, roasting and tasting of coffee.

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