Besides the visits of the students from the University of Denver and of the journalists of The Guardian, The Academy Bazzara opens its doors to the Foundation Camp in October.

During the TriestEspresso Expo, an international exhibition dedicated to the world of coffee and taking place at the end of October in Trieste, Bazzara, besides the event “Trieste Coffee Experts, The Preview”, designed by the company itself, will dedicate an entire week to the training to discover all the secrets in the world of coffee with the Foundation Camp, a new course scheduled from 24th to 28th October.

This training course will take place in the Academy of the historical Trieste roasting company, in the heart of the city, in Via Battisti n.1. Enrolling in the course, people will receive as a present a copy of the last publishing success by Bazzara, “CoffeeExperts”, and also a ticket to visit the Trieste Exhibition on 29th October.

The Foundation Camp course deals with the training for the whole coffee production system; it will last one week, and also beginners can participate. It is a great opportunity to get the certifications SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) recognised worldwide.

It is worth remembering that the Bazzara Academy, one of the most famous European Academies, was the first one in Italy to be certified as an SCA Premier Training Campus for all the modules of the Coffee Skills Program. The Academy offers several courses, both for professionals and enthusiasts, guided by the expert quality manager Marco Bazzara, Q Arabica Grader, Sensorial Project Manager and Director of the Academy Bazzara. There are many possibilities.

To name just some of them: the courses dedicated to sensorial analysis, such as the Sensory Master, a journey focused on the sensorial assessment, training the sense of smell with a professional aptitude towards aromas; the courses dedicated to the production techniques, like the SCA Roasting Foundation that makes people get in closer contact with the equipment and the art of roastery.

The Academy is equipped with a tasting laboratory, a room for the lessons, a roasting room, state-of-the-art coffee machines and professional machinery

The Academy is equipped with a tasting laboratory, a room for the lessons, a roasting room, state-of-the-art coffee machines and professional machinery that work together to enrich the body, the mind and the soul of those who wants to know the world of coffee and be trained about it, offering a wide range of professional and personal opportunities.

It is also thanks to the possibility of participating in these courses that the Bazzara company often receives the visits of many enthusiasts of coffee, for example, the most recent one, a delegation of the University of Denver in collaboration with the “Associazione Caffè Trieste”.

The University of Denver, founded in 1864, is the most ancient private University in the region of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. During the visit, the group of American students discovered all the secrets of the coffee production system and also had the opportunity to taste together with Marco Bazzara, a real Italian Espresso, assessing every perceived aroma. This choice was led by the will of knowing the Trieste production system, with a focus on the most representative companies of the branch.

It is not the first time that the Bazzara Academy has opened its door to let internationally known guests discover and taste high-quality coffee, an uncontested symbol of Made in Italy. It is also worth it to mention the group of foreign journalists who visited the Academy last spring to tell the fascinating world of coffee in their newspaper.

Among them also John Brunton, journalist and collaborator of The Guardian, guest of the press tour designed by PromoTurismo FVG. It is right in that British newspaper that Trieste and Bazzara played the protagonist role in an article that pays tribute to the ten unmissable landmarks for a perfect holiday in Europe.

Training, events and much more: an appointment not to be missed in Trieste in the last week of October, the week dedicated to coffee!

This article was provided to Bartalks by Bazzara.

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