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Barry Callebaut is celebrating the recent completion of their 118,000 square foot factory expansion in Campbellfield, Australia. The new plant officially opened on March 24th, after initially being obtained as part of the GKC Foods Pty Ltd acquisition in 2020.

“This factory expansion underlines Barry Callebaut’s ongoing commitment to Australia,” said Jo Thys, president of Asia Pacific at Barry Callebaut, echoing his statement on the recent opening of Barry Callebaut’s Singapore headquarters. The brand has invested heavily in its presence in Asia as of late, possibly an indication of its expectations for market growth in that region of the world.

The facility further strengthens our regional footprint in Asia Pacific, producing safe and high-quality products. The move is in line with our ambition to locate production close to our customers.

Jo Thys, president of Asia Pacific at Barry Callebaut

 With the rising price of fuel impacting many worldwide, it also makes logistical sense to keep production local to consumers where possible.

The expansion introduced new factory lines that will greatly increase the capacity of the facility and the range it is able to offer. Under the new factory, the chocolate makers are now able to offer locally produced liquid chocolate, compound, buttons, chips as well as specialities such as coatings and fillings. The extra facilities will also enable Barry Callebaut to increase the production of their current (formerly GKC Foods’) ‘Made in Australia’ line.

Dennis Convert, Managing Director Australia at Barry Callebaut, commented on the opening, “I am proud that our gourmet chocolates have been brought into the country for many years now”. He continued, “today, I am even prouder that our high quality ‘Made in Australia’ products are available in higher volumes, creating more chocolate happiness for our local consumers.”

According to the company, this development is part of their greater endeavour to be the leading chocolate company in Australia. Convert appears optimistic about the new build; “with the expansion of our Campbellfield factory, we are well-positioned to become the leading chocolate manufacturer in Australia.”

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