Barry Callebaut plans its third factory in Russia as a sign it is committed to supporting the world’s third-largest confectionery market.

The three factories, combined with the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY in Moscow is another indication that the company is confident about its long-term prospects for the region.

The opening of our third factory further strengthens our presence in Russia and underlines our commitment to the world’s third-largest chocolate
confectionery market. – Rogier van Sligter, Co-President EMEA

The factory was not built to purpose by the company, but purchased as a going concern, and will be limited to producing liquid and solid compound and fillings. The company will start by employing 40 people initially, sourced locally from Kaliningrad, which is inside a Special Economic Zone.

These zones are defined by governments to help attract investment in areas that need development. In order to attract companies, operations inside these designated zones usually benefit from numerous tax advantages, such as reduced or even zero corporation tax. It is likely that all the normal social taxes on the 40 employees will also be exempt for a number of years.

Although it is a small factory, it does usefully demonstrate a further commitment by the company, and by placing it in the Economic Zone of Kaliningrad, Barry Callebaut can grow capacity in a cost-effective way.

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