Zabuni Specialty Coffee is a Nebraska based company that is taking their roasting services to the next level to provide coffee to its consumers.

Zabuni Specialty Coffee roasts the green coffee bean and then turns it into what consumers grind up and brew to drink.
“Now, you have the opportunity to be able to have freshly roasted coffee every day if you wanted to,” stated the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Zabuni Specialty Coffee Auction Laban Njuguna.

“We wanted to be able to serve this community and bring a product that we feel is really fantastic, but they don’t have a chance of getting it. At least, locally,” said Laban.”It starts out in green form, and so it looks green or kind of gray-ish. Then once we roast it, depending on the temperature that we drop it at, it will look at lot differently. A light roast is going to look a lot lighter brown color, then the medium is a little darker than that, and then obviously a dark roast is going to be pretty dark,” claimed Zabuni Specialty Coffee Auction roaster Jacob Watson.

Njuguna also said that they pride themselves in being ethically-sourced.
“Usually farmers make between 15 to about 25 percent or 30 percent if they’re lucky using the regular conventional means of selling coffee. With our process, the farmers are making at least 80% goes back to the farmer for what the coffee is selling for. We believe this is life-changing. We believe this is going to economically empower them and their families and their communities,” added Laban.

“It’s an education issue. What we’re doing it’s more so on the coasts it has taken off, but here in central Nebraska, we really have to reach out and talk to people,” said the Zabuni Specialty Coffee Auction Chief Operating Officer and founder Cora Njuguna.
“We drink more coffee than water in this country. So, we hope that people really get to enjoy a good cup of coffee, and we are happy that we are a part of that,” said Laban.


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