7 Top Espresso Beans for Perfect Coffee

7 Top Espresso Beans for Perfect Coffee

Discover a curated selection of top espresso beans that will elevate your coffee experience. In this roundup, we explore four exceptional options, each offering a unique flavor profile to enhance your morning brew. From the bold Lavazza Grand Espresso Whole Beans to the rich Tiki Tonga Guinness ‘232’ Coffee Beans, find the perfect match for your coffee preferences.

Marley Coffee Dark Roast Espresso Beans
✯ Bold and Aromatic ✯
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Lavazza Espresso Italiano Classico Coffee Beans
Lavazza Barista Intenso Coffee Beans, 1kg
Taylors Espresso Beans, 1kg
Gimoka Gran Bar Espresso Beans - 1 Kg

Marley Coffee Dark Roast Espresso Beans

Bold and Aromatic
The Buffalo Soldier Strong Dark Roast Organic Espresso Coffee Beans from Marley Coffee offer a bold and aromatic experience. While loved for its strong effect and smooth taste, some may find the over-roasted flavor and higher price point to be drawback.
  • Strong roast
  • Organic
  • Loved for its strong effect
  • Nice tasting
  • Smooth as velvet
  • Gorgeous aroma
  • Highly recommended
  • Over-roasted taste
  • Expensive price

Experience the Buffalo Soldier Strong Dark Roast Organic Espresso Coffee Beans by Marley Coffee. Born free with dark chocolate and berry undertones, this earthy and bold blend delivers a sultry, smoky, and smooth flavor profile, leaving a rich, lingering finish. Crafted by the Marley Family, this liberating cup offers a premium coffee experience suitable for all coffee machines. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have crowned these beans as their #1 choice for a delicious brew.

Intense and Bold Flavor Profile
  • Buffalo Soldier Strong Dark Roast
  • Organic Espresso Coffee Beans
  • From The Marley Family
  • For All Coffee Machines
  • Strength 5

Lavazza Espresso Italiano Classico Coffee Beans

Solid choice
The Lavazza Espresso Italiano Classico Coffee Beans offer a well-balanced aroma with flowery and fruity notes, making it a delightful and versatile choice for your espresso machine. While some batches may lack freshness due to distant roast dates, the medium intensity, reasonable cost, and generous 1 kg pack size make it a worthwhile purchase for coffee enthusiasts.
  • Well-balanced aroma
  • Medium intensity (5/10)
  • Delightful taste
  • Reasonable cost
  • Versatile for different coffee preparations
  • Generous pack size (1 kg)
  • Not ideal for cafetiere use
  • Some batches may be far from the roast date, affecting freshness

Lavazza Espresso Italiano Classico Coffee Beans offer a delightful blend for your favorite espresso drinks. This 100% Arabica blend boasts flowery and fruity aromatic notes, delivering a sweet and aromatic coffee experience. With a medium roast and an intensity level of 5/10, these beans produce a strong espresso with a marbled crema, perfect for espresso aficionados. Enjoy the rich taste of this Italian-style coffee that works well with espresso machines.

Rich and Authentic Italian Flavor
  • 100% Arabica blend
  • Flowery & fruity aromatic notes
  • Intensity level 5/10
  • Light roast
  • 1 kg pack size
  • Suitable for espresso coffee machines

Lavazza Barista Intenso Coffee Beans, 1kg

Rich and bold
The Lavazza Espresso Barista Intenso Drum Roasted Coffee Beans offer a rich and bold flavor profile with aromatic notes of cocoa and wood. Despite its intense flavor, it provides excellent body, aroma, and crema, making it a versatile and good value choice for espresso coffee machines.
  • Excellent body, aroma, crema, and flavor
  • Perfect balance of strength and flavor
  • Strong intensity for a rich aroma
  • Good value for money
  • Good quality coffee beans
  • Rich and bold flavor profile
  • Versatile use for various coffee beverages
  • Intense flavor might not suit everyone
  • Lack of roast date information

Lavazza Espresso Barista Intenso Drum Roasted Coffee Beans offer an intense and full-bodied espresso experience with aromatic notes of cocoa and wood. This 1 kg pack features a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans from South-East Asia, Africa, and South America, creating a medium roast coffee with an intensity level of 9/10. Ideal for espresso machines, these beans promise a persistent and intense aftertaste for a truly authentic Italian coffee experience. Crafted by Lavazza with expertise and quality in mind, these beans are perfect for those seeking a bold and robust espresso.

Rich and Bold Coffee Experience
  • Aromatic notes of cocoa and wood
  • Blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans
  • Intensity level of 9/10
  • Medium roasting
  • Ideal for espresso coffee machines
  • 1 kg package size

Lavazza Grand Espresso Whole Beans, 1000g

Rich and versatile
The Lavazza Coffee Grand Espresso, Whole Beans, 1000g offers a rich, creamy, and well-balanced profile with notes of cocoa and black pepper, providing a full body taste experience that captures the harmony of Italian espresso. With good crema, a nice taste, and versatility for various coffee types, this best-selling Lavazza blend offers great value for those seeking a mild and smooth flavor, though some users have reported receiving stale beans and it may not be the top choice for drip coffee aficionados.
  • Good crema
  • Nice taste
  • Works well with milk
  • Great value for money
  • Mild and smooth flavor
  • Versatile for different coffee types
  • No oily beans
  • Stale beans for some users
  • May not be the best value for drip coffee users

Enjoy a rich and flavorful coffee experience with Lavazza Coffee Grand Espresso Whole Beans. Made with a blend of 40% Arabica and 60% Robusta coffee beans, this premium offering boasts notes of cocoa and black pepper, delivering a full-bodied taste. With a balanced aromatic profile, this blend works well in various coffee brewing devices to create your favorite beverages like cappuccinos, lattes, and americanos. Customers praise its smooth flavor and versatility, making it a great choice for everyday coffee enjoyment.

Rich and Robust Flavor Blend
  • Rich cream
  • Balanced aromatic profile
  • Full body taste experience
  • Notes of cocoa and black pepper
  • Harmony of Italian espresso
  • Best-selling Lavazza coffee beans

Tiki Tonga Guinness '232' Coffee Beans

Unique and Smooth
The Exclusive Guinness Coffee ‘232’ Brew by Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters offers a unique flavor profile roasted at 232°C, making it an ideal choice for coffee connoisseurs and rugby fans. With cool packaging and a smooth taste, it makes a great gift for coffee lovers, despite some feedback on its flavor intensity and price point.
  • Unique flavor profile
  • Cool packaging
  • Smooth taste
  • Good as a gift for coffee lovers
  • Not as flavorful as expected
  • Price may be higher than the perceived value

Experience the exclusive Guinness Coffee ‘232’ Brew by Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters, a limited edition blend inspired by Guinness and expertly roasted at 232°C. This unique coffee creation is a joint venture between Guinness and Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters, sharing a passion for rugby. While some describe it as a perfectly pleasant coffee with a rich flavor, others appreciate the malty Guinness undertones. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a rugby enthusiast, this distinctive blend offers a delightful and smooth taste, making it a great addition to your morning routine.

Bold Flavorful Coffee Beans
  • Limited Edition ‘232 Brew’ inspired by GUINNESS
  • Roasted at 232°C for unique flavor profile
  • Joint venture between GUINNESS and Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters
  • Ideal for coffee connoisseurs and rugby fans
  • Expertly brewed in the United Kingdom by Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters

Taylors Espresso Beans, 1kg

Bold and Rich
The Taylors of Harrogate Espresso Beans offer a rich and velvety smooth taste with a lingering finish, ideal for those seeking a strong coffee flavor. However, some may find the coffee too bitter and note the presence of an unpleasant aftertaste.
  • Strong coffee flavor
  • Good smell
  • Lovely tasting coffee
  • Unpleasant aftertaste
  • Too bitter for some tastes

Taylors of Harrogate Espresso Beans, 1kg (Pack of 1) offers a velvety smooth blend with bittersweet chocolate tones, combining Brazilian coffee for balance, Indonesian for chocolate notes, Kenyan for sweetness, and Ethiopian for a strong burst of flavor. This rich roast, strength 5 coffee leaves a smooth, lingering finish. While some reviewers find it to be their favorite, with many visitors agreeing, others noted it as heavily roasted, bitter, and difficult to grind in a coffee machine.

Rich and Bold Flavor Profile
  • Velvety smooth taste
  • Blend of Brazilian, Indonesian, Kenyan, and Ethiopian coffee
  • Smooth lingering finish
  • Rich roast
  • Strength 5
  • New packaging design

Gimoka Gran Bar Espresso Beans – 1 Kg

Rich Flavor
The Gimoka – Gran Bar Italian Espresso Coffee Beans, Light Roast in 1 Kg pack offer a fuller flavor with much character and a strong taste. This unique blend lacks acidity or bitterness, providing good value for money and the ability to grind to different textures for a varied taste experience. Some customers have noted issues with the vacuum seal and perceived subpar quality of the beans.
  • Fuller flavor
  • Much more character
  • Strong taste
  • No acidity or bitterness
  • Good value for money
  • Unique and varied blend
  • Can be ground to different textures for varied taste
  • Vacuum seal may not be intact upon arrival
  • Some reviewers found the quality of the coffee beans to be subpar

Gimoka – Gran Bar Italian Espresso Coffee Beans offer an intense aroma and important body, with a light balanced taste and a pleasant sweet chocolate aftertaste. This light roast coffee boasts a strength level of 5. Made by Gimoka Group in Italy, known for their passion for coffee since the 1980s and commitment to eco-sustainable packaging solutions. Reviews range from highly positive experiences enjoying the coffee as filter coffee to negative instances of poor packaging leading to leakage and dissatisfaction with the taste and quality. Overall, users appreciate the flavor and value of this blend, with some finding it superior to other well-known brands.

Full-bodied Italian espresso blend
  • Blend with intense aroma
  • Light roast (2/5)
  • Compact cream
  • Sweet chocolate aftertaste
  • 1 Kg pack size
  • Strength level of 5

Top Espresso Bean Brands

  • Some popular brands for espresso beans are Lavazza
  • Illy
  • Segafredo
  • Starbucks
  • and Peet’s Coffee. These brands are well-known for producing high-quality espresso beans that are often used by cafes and coffee enthusiasts around the world

Mastering the Art of Brewing Espresso with Espresso Beans

  • Grind the espresso beans to a fine consistency using a coffee grinder
  • Use the ground espresso beans to prepare a shot of espresso using an espresso machine or a stovetop espresso maker
  • Enjoy the rich and intense flavor of your freshly brewed espresso!

Key Factors to Consider when Selecting the Perfect Espresso Beans

  • Roast Level: Choose espresso beans that are roasted to your preferred level – light, medium, or dark roast. The roast level will impact the flavor profile of your espresso
  • Origin: Consider the origin of the espresso beans. Different regions produce beans with unique flavors and characteristics. Popular origins include Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, and Indonesia
  • Freshness: Opt for freshly roasted espresso beans. Check the roast date on the packaging and try to use the beans within a few weeks of roasting for the best flavor. Stale beans can result in a flat-tasting espresso

Espresso Bean FAQ

What kind of roast is best for espresso beans?

The best kind of roast for espresso beans is generally a medium to dark roast. This roast level helps to bring out the rich flavors and oils in the beans, which is ideal for creating a strong and flavorful espresso shot. Lighter roasts may not have enough depth of flavor, while darker roasts can sometimes be overly bitter. Ultimately, the best roast level for espresso beans will depend on personal preference, but medium to dark roasts are traditionally favored for espresso.

How should espresso beans be stored to maintain freshness?

To maintain the freshness of espresso beans, you should store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Avoid exposure to air, moisture, heat, and light, as these can degrade the quality of the beans. It is recommended to keep them away from direct sunlight, and store them at room temperature or slightly cooler. Additionally, it is best to grind the beans just before brewing to preserve their flavor and aroma.

How is espresso made using espresso beans?

Espresso is made using espresso beans by grinding them into a fine consistency, placing the grounds into a portafilter, and tamping them down firmly. The portafilter is then attached to an espresso machine, hot water is forced through the grounds at high pressure, extracting a concentrated shot of espresso in a matter of seconds. The result is a rich, bold, and flavorful coffee with a layer of crema on top.

Can espresso beans be used to make regular coffee?

No, espresso beans are specifically roasted and ground to be used for espresso preparation. Regular coffee beans are typically roasted differently and ground to a coarser consistency for use in brewing regular coffee. Using espresso beans to make regular coffee may result in a bitter or over-extracted brew due to the finer grind size and different roasting process of espresso beans.

What are some popular espresso bean blends available in the market?

Some popular espresso bean blends available in the market are:

  1. Italian Roast: Known for its rich and bold flavor profile, Italian roast espresso beans are roasted dark to bring out notes of smokiness and caramel.
  2. Espresso Crema: This blend is specifically crafted for espresso lovers, with a focus on producing a thick and velvety crema on top of the shot.
  3. Breakfast Blend: A lighter roast option that is perfect for those who prefer a milder flavor profile with hints of citrus and floral notes in their espresso.
  4. French Roast: French roast espresso beans are roasted to a very dark level, resulting in a strong and intense flavor with a slightly sweet finish.
  5. Decaf Espresso Blend: For those looking to enjoy espresso without the caffeine, decaf espresso blends offer a similar taste profile to regular espresso beans but without the jolt of energy.

These are just a few examples of popular espresso bean blends available in the market, each offering a unique flavor profile to cater to different preferences.

What are the flavor profiles of espresso beans?

Espresso beans typically exhibit a bold and rich flavor profile with a balance of bitterness and sweetness. They often feature notes of chocolate, caramel, nuts, and sometimes fruity undertones. The intensity and complexity of the flavor can vary depending on the espresso bean’s origin, roast level, and blend composition.

How are espresso beans different from regular coffee beans?

Espresso beans are not a different type of bean but rather a specific preparation method using finely ground coffee beans and high-pressure hot water. The main differences lie in the roast level and grind size. Espresso beans are usually roasted longer and to a darker level than regular coffee beans, which affects their flavor profile. Additionally, espresso beans are typically ground finer than regular coffee beans to create a more concentrated and intense shot of coffee.

Are espresso beans more caffeinated than regular coffee beans?

Espresso beans are not inherently more caffeinated than regular coffee beans. The caffeine content in a cup of coffee depends on several factors, such as the type of bean, roast level, grind size, and brewing method. While espresso is more concentrated than regular coffee due to its brewing process, a standard shot of espresso typically contains less caffeine than a regular cup of drip coffee. However, if you consume more shots of espresso, the total caffeine content can be higher than a cup of regular coffee.

What is the ideal grind size for espresso beans?

The ideal grind size for espresso beans is fine and powdery, similar to table salt. This fine grind allows for a high level of extraction in a short amount of time, resulting in a rich and flavorful shot of espresso. It is crucial to use the correct grind size to achieve the best results in terms of flavor and extraction when making espresso.

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