Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini took to Twitter to announce that he has been voted the best pastry chef in the world as part of the “World Pastry Stars 2020” event.

Marcolini, was unanimously given the award by a panel of independent judges. He has 40 shops across Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Japan and China.

What interested us about the statement was learning about Marcolini’s interest in Cocoa. He picks the beans for his chocolate creations himself, and has dedicated his business to ethical procurement.

On his personal website, there is a page dedicated to the principles he stands for and how he sources and buys cocoa.

he Pierre Marcolini Maison selects the finest beans of each variety, sourced from small plantations with unique and traditional expertise.

The Maison maintains close relationships with each plantation to ensure the longevity of their partnership and guarantee beans of an unrivalled quality.

Some other companies could take a lesson from the transparency that Marcolini demonstrates. For example, he names the price he pays for the beans – a minimum of €4,000 a tonne, which at the time of his site being published was more than double the market price.

They buy direct from small farm holders, and then names them, lists the variety of beans they buy from them and the conditions of the farm workers.

Of course, not everyone can work this way, and Marcolini charges a premium for their products. But it sets a standard, no doubt matched by other small and passionate chocolate companies, but also one that perhaps others should aspire for.

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