With the increasing demand for organic and Fair trade products, UK leader, Traidcraft, has launched a range of speciality chocolate bars that fuse mouth-watering flavours with positive environmental impact.

As part of an exciting new collection for the eco-conscious chocolate love, the brand has introduced an Organic White Chocolate with Earl Grey, Organic White Chocolate with Matcha, and a vegan Organic Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut.

With the UK being the largest market for Fair trade Cocoa, the chocolates are made from organic cacao beans that are grown and harvested through organic farming methods. The Organic Chocolate with Hazelnut bar includes dates. These were too dry to sell as fruits, due to climate change, and so were ground into powder and used to naturally sweeten the bars instead of sugar.

Our range of organic chocolates offer consumers a guilt-free, mouth-watering sweet treat whilst contributing to the growth of the organic and fair trade market. Investing in these bars also rewards smallholder farmers who are innovatively tackling the effects of climate change on their harvests.”

The products are made with love and care for the environment and are free from any emulsifiers, cheap oils, or artificial colours or preservatives, employing ethical production methods from the harvesting process to the delivery.

The speciality chocolate market in Europe is flourishing, and we want to be part of the innovation.

Sarah Main, Content Strategist, Traidcraft

Traidcraft’s new and exclusive range will also include an Organic White and Milk Chocolate with Strawberries and an Organic Dark Chocolate Lemon Crisp with White Chocolate, all set to launch this summer.

The Fair trade company’s chocolates take the environmental aspect to the next level, as the paper-and plant-based packaging is eco-friendly and compostable, minimising waste.

In order to emphasise its transparency theme and invite both consumers and retailers to explore it further, Traidcraft is launching a competition that incorporates a select number of chocolate bars wrapped in compostable, transparent packaging. Whoever receives a bar will win a prize.

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This article was written by Traidcraft.

About Traidcraft
Founded over four decades ago, Traidcraft is the original fair-trade pioneer in the UK. The company is advocating the importance of organic farming, sustainability, and transparency in the lives of growers and artisans around the world.

Traidcraft’s mission is to save vanishing, traditional skills from extinction and celebrate a world of creativity and culture through fair-trade products. From foods and beverages to household cleaning and rubber products, to fair-trade gifts and clothing, Traidcraft offers a wide range of quality Fair trade products.

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