Temperatures in the Haute-Sanaga department of Cameroon

The average daily temperatures in Cameroon’s Haute-Sanaga department have been slightly above the long-term average over the past three months and significantly above-average over the previous two months, with only one short period of 10 days in late June when temperatures were very slightly below-average.

For the most part, this generalised positive anomaly of ~0.3 °C was mainly driven by daytime temperatures, but nighttime temperatures were also warmer on average.

Although the anomaly is not large, it has been lasting long enough that it is likely to have an effect on production.

The higher temperatures in this part of Cameroon at this time of year likely led to increased photosynthetic production and accelerated fruit development. Overall, this positive anomaly bodes well for the Cameroonian harvest, which has otherwise suffered from a prolonged drought.


  • Charles Werner


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