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German packaging supplier Syntegon Technology has introduced its newest coffee packaging machine, the PMX. The company’s latest addition to its portfolio of packaging innovations seeks to meet the manufacturers’ needs for various products and formats while claiming more sustainable credentials as well.

Syntegon has been active in the packaging industry for over 160 years. Today, the company develops environmentally friendly packaging solutions, minimising the energy consumption of its machines and working toward goals to reduce its emissions.

designed to process all relevant recyclable materials into high-quality packages

The Germany-based company focuses on pharmaceutical packaging and processing, where its “intelligent technologies enable the safe and high-quality production, processing, filling, inspection, and packaging of liquid and solid pharmaceuticals.” Moreover, it is a food packaging and processing technology developer, offering solutions for a variety of confectionery and dairy products.

The PMX is a flexible modular machine consisting of several units that make dosing and closing of packaging easily configurable. That isn’t to say Syntegon has prioritised configurability over productivity as the single-tubed PMX is capable of producing and filling up to 65 bags per minute, while the double-tubed PMX can reach an output of 100 bags per minute. Additionally, the designers of the machine kept in mind the modern requirements regarding sustainability and digitalization.

In an effort to keep energy consumption as low as possible, Syntegon’s engineers equipped the PMX with condition monitoring.

The digital condition monitoring supports manufacturers to meet growing sustainability goals, such as minimising packaging material, energy, and gas consumption.” The machine is also designed “to process recyclable packaging materials and valves made of mono-materials like polypropylene or polyethylene to meet the needs of sustainable value creation.”

Christina Holm, Product Manager, Syntegon

The PMX enables manufacturers to create packaging in various shapes and sizes. The capacity of coffee bags ranges from 200 g to 1,200 g, but manufacturers can also decide to make the bags reclosable via tin tie, labels or adhesive tape.

Additionally, “the ‘neutrafill’ process, in which the coffee is gas-flushed before and during the packaging process, ensures aroma protection. With the PMX, manufacturers can pack their goods securely, which further meets modern sustainability demands, as the machine is designed “to process all relevant recyclable materials into high-quality packages,” according to Christina Holm. “Offering a sustainably packaged product also gives [the manufacturers] a way to differentiate their brand from competitors and sell their products for a higher price.

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