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Löfbergs is a Swedish coffee roaster that has seen some success selling coffee in commercial environments. Here in the UK, they’re perhaps best known for providing a one-stop solution for coffee service to offices. They provide the machines, and of course, all the coffee that goes inside them. Today, they announced plans to expand into the Baltic region, and have tasked a company veteran Kent Pettersson with making it succeed.

Löfbergs claims to be one of the largest buyers of Organic and Fairtrade coffee in the world! Not bad, and perhaps a reflection that the company is clear about its values. I noted in the press release below that they make an unequivocal statement to exit the Russian market.

This is refreshing after we reported on some companies that can’t stomach the financial penalty of an exit. This might also be down to the company’s strong ties with Finland, a country that was taken by Russia from the Swedes in 1809. Both countries are now re-considering Nato membership as a result of the war in Ukraine.

PRESS RELEASE – 2 MAY 2022New business area will make Löfbergs grow in the east

The Swedish-based coffee roaster Löfbergs creates a new business area for sales in eastern Europe. Kent Pettersson, CEO of Löfbergs in Finland, will lead the new business area to spread the Swedish fika culture to even more people.

We have great potential to grow in this part of Europe. The task includes securing a continuous growth in Finland and the Baltic region as well as finding developing possibilities in new markets

Anders Fredriksson, CEO at Löfbergs.

The new business area will be led by Kent Pettersson, who has worked at Löfbergs since 2009. He has been sales director for retail in Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic region.

In 2020, he was appointed CEO of Löfbergs in Finland, an assignment he will manage in parallel with his new tasks.

We are still a challenger in many markets, where we stand out as a Swedish family-owned company. We have successfully managed this in Finland, where we have seen a huge growth the last years. Now, we will try to do the same in more markets.

Kent Pettersson, CEO of Löfbergs in Finland

Potential in Poland

Löfbergs was founded in 1906 in Karlstad, Sweden, and is now one of the largest family-owned coffee roasters in the Nordic countries. The company started exporting coffee in 1993, and every second cup is sold outside of Sweden today. Over the past years, Finland has emerged as Löfbergs’s third-largest market. Together with the Baltic region, it accounts for 17 per cent of the coffee roaster’s sales.

Löfbergs is now aiming to strengthen its position in neighbouring markets.“Löfbergs is a strong brand even outside of Sweden, and we will benefit from that. Poland is an interesting market that we have a great opportunity to enter. It would mean a lot for our business if we managed to lay our hands on some market shares here,” says Kent Pettersson.

Finland has emerged as Löfbergs’s third-largest market.

No business in Russia

In connection with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Löfbergs stopped all export to Russia and Belarus and terminated all agreements with Russian and Belarusian participation in other countries. This decision is of indefinite duration.

More information

Anders Thorén, Group Communications Manager, Löfbergs,, +46 703 55 64 22

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