Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén is named as the new Head of Sustainability at Swedish coffee group Löfbergs. Ljudén is currently working as a sustainability strategist at the family-run coffee roaster and has 10 years of expertise in the field. She replaces Eva Eriksson, who has worked at Löfbergs for 34 years.

Ljudén began her career at Löfbergs as an intern and was later offered a full-time position at the company. She said she has always been drawn to Löfbergs because of its focus on sustainability. A graduate of the University of Karlstad, Löfbergs’s new sustainability head has a background in economics and environmental science with a focus on political science.

The company has always had high ambitions for the sustainability area, which I like. […] It is about taking responsibility across the entire value chain, to improve the conditions and the developing opportunities for coffee farmers as well as to make it easy for the consumer to make decent and sustainable choices.

Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén, Head of Sustainability, Löfbergs

That she is more than adequate for the position is also confirmed by Löfbergs’s CEO, Anders Fredriksson, who was pleased that Ljudén accepted the offer.

She has considerable expertise and a genuine passion, and will be valuable in our work to reach our sustainability goals.

Anders Fredriksson, Löfbergs’s CEO

Löfbergs has been an important player in the sustainability area for quite a while. The global coffee chain has been facing many difficulties, and the company plans to contribute to change in three areas: “circular conversion, fairer economic growth and a society characterised by inclusion and diversity.”

Ljudén says there is still much to be done in terms of sustainability, in spite of Löfbergs good record. “Löfbergs has always been a pioneer in sustainability and dared to take the first step – a role we will strengthen henceforth.” Bartalks wish Löfbergs and its new head of sustainability successful operations.

Karlstad-based roaster Löfbergs was established in 1906. In its more than a century-long operations, it has crossed the borders of Sweden and now has roasteries in Norway, Denmark and Latvia, but exports coffee to other countries as well. Since its conception by brothers Anders, John and Josef Löfberg, the family-run business “has always been natural to have a long-term, value-driven and sustainable perspective” in business. 

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