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Right now there’s a great opportunity to participate in a 5 day festival of free live stream events aimed to help small Chocolate companies during this difficult time.

It’s a unique event and an opportunity to get behind the scenes and learn from an amazing group of ethically driven chocolatiers. Watch this video to understand the impact these researchers found into the threat to small chocolate business.

Millions of chocolate consumers around the world are staying home to practice social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A significant number of small chocolate companies surveyed indicate that this drop in social consumption poses an existential threat to their businesses. For everyone’s safety and comfort, the #StayHomeWithChocolate Festival proposes that we stay home, eat chocolate.

The chocolate companies invited to participate in the #StayHomeWithChocolate Festival have all been hand-selected for their focus on quality and ethics. They prize craftsmanship and flavor excellence while sourcing ingredients in a transparent manner. Their top-notch products are available for purchase online, ready to comfort and inspire homebound consumers.

The Festival will include Instagram Live tours of chocolate factories, cacao farms, guided chocolate tastings, cooking with chocolate demos, and more, to be held throughout the day across multiple time zones. As possible, videos will be archived on YouTube.

The #StayHomeWithChocolate Festival live streams are free, with consumers encouraged to purchase chocolate from small chocolate businesses to support them during this interruption in their in-person sales.

For information on the #StayHomeWithChocolate Festival, the list of participating companies, the livestream schedule, and more, visit:


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