Portland Coffee Roasters


Portland Coffee Roasters revealed that it had achieved certification under the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Food Safety Code for Manufacturing, which is a globally trusted food safety and quality program.

The SQF family of food safety and quality codes are developed to meet industry, customer, and regulatory requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain, from farms to retail stores.

It is considered as one of the most accurate and complete food safety and quality standards worldwide. Also, SQF certification provides independent verification that a facility’s food safety and risk mitigation strategies are effective and scientifically sound.

Nathaniel Lamers, SQF Practitioner and Safety Coordinator at Portland Coffee Roasters stated that this was an incredible accomplishment for Portland Coffee Roasters, and the company was honoured to be among the nation’s first independent speciality roasters certified.

He also stated that Portland Coffee Roasters is committed to providing coffee that meets the highest food safety and quality standards, and they are very thrilled to receive this distinction at times when the importance of public health and safety is gladly visible.

To achieve SQF certification requires rigid control at every step of the supply chain and manufacturing process to make sure that the products are produced, packaged and distributed in a method that prioritizes consumer safety and minimizes the likelihood of outcome recalls. Portland Coffee Roasters took several months to design, carry out, and continually verify programs to meet the exacting demands of the SQF code and receive the certificate.

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