Leading specialist coffee supplier, Paddy & Scott’s has launched Brew Bags, a revolutionary new product set to change the way the hospitality and retail sector serve coffee.

Putting an end to the misery of low-grade hotel room instant coffee and offering a cost-effective, mess-free alternative to cafetières, Paddy & Scott’s new Brew Bags create the perfect cup of coffee every time with none of the hassle.

Available in regular and decaf, Paddy & Scott’s Brew Bags are made from fully compostable bioweb and filled with a blend of the best-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee. They are the perfect and most cost-effective way to deliver fresh, quality coffee in a quick bag format. Just pop one of the Brew Bags in a cup (like you would a tea bag) top with just boiled water and leave to brew for three to four minutes. The result? A fine cup of coffee without the need for grinding, weighing, measuring, french pressing, espressoing, areopressing, extracting or stressing.

Brew Bags are perfect for hotels looking to give their in-room coffee offer a boost, or those caterers seeking a quick brew coffee option to speed up service and cater to changing tastes for a better quality hot drink. They are also expected to be particularly popular with consumers looking to brew a quick but high quality cuppa in their home or office.

“Our Brew Bags are the perfect quick and cost-effective solution that will deliver a quality cup of coffee every time,” explains Scott Russell, CEO of Paddy & Scott’s. “We noticed a clear need for a coffee product that performs in the same way as a tea bag and we have created Brew Bags to meet that need. We’re getting some great feedback from hoteliers who are pleased to be able to provide their guests with a quick and delicious coffee with no mess or waste that they can quickly brew in the comfort of their own room.”

The Decaf and regular Brew Bags are available in boxes of 1×100 bags, RRP £22.00. For retail regular Brew Bags are regular available in a month’s supply of 31 bags for £13.99.

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